DIY Canvas Shoes with Iron on Vinyl

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Iron on vinyl can be transferred to many places, except for clothes, shoes are a good place to go. You can use simple graphics to make your shoes individual, which is very cost-effective. It is more creative to choose solid color canvas shoes. You can buy it at discount stores or Amazon, the prices is affordable.

I used YRYM HT Iron on vinyl and Silhouette Cameo3 to create these trendy pair of shoes!

Supplies Needed:
YRYM HT Iron on vinyl
Easy Press Mini
Canvas Shoes
Silhouette Cameo or similar machine

Step One: Design Setup
Start by uploading the image you're using and trace.Scaling it to fit on the shoes.Then send it to cut.

Step Two: Load and Cut Iron on Vinyl
Place the iron on vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny side facing down, load the mat into the machine. Once the first color has finished cutting, load the second color the same way and cut.

Step Three: Weed
Once cutting is complete you can remove the heat transfer vinyl from the mat and peel away the excess vinyl from around the cut lines.

Step Four: Iron On Heat Transfer Vinyl
I used a Easy Press Mini and it worked great. I set it to medium and pressed directly over the carrier sheet for 10 seconds.
Allow the vinyl to cool for a few seconds then remove the carrier sheet.

For more custom iron on transfers click HERE. Happy crafting!

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