DIY Fruits Tote : How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl on Canvas Bag

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The Fruits themself would be impressed with this DIY! Follow me to make this colorful fruit canvas bag, you will find that DIY bag is a very simple thing.

Materials Needed :
Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used purple, green, red , black, orange, and fluorescent yellow)
Cricut Maker

Step One: Set Up Design
Starting in Design Space, upload your images , after you adjust the size to match the tote , and click the make it button to continue.

Don't forget mirror option to reverse the images before cutting. Select iron-on as the material.

Step Two: Cut
Place the iron on vinyl on the cutting mat, shiny side down.

Please select the sheets corresponding to the graphics and load them into the machine for cutting.

Step Three: Weed
Use a hook tool to remove the small pieces of vinyl.

Peel away the excess iron on transfers from around the cut lines.

Step Four: Layer Iron On Transfer Paper
Place the bottom layer on the canvas tote. Use an iron on the wool setting to press over the design for 15-20 seconds.
When cool to the touch, slowly peel up the liner.

Continue by placing the next layer on top and pressing with the iron for another 15 seconds.

Let the second layer cool completely before removing the carrier sheet.

Layer on the fun details like these fruits !

This idea would work well for creating personalized gift bags for summer. Canvas bag is classic and looks great with any color combination. If you want to know more YRYM HT Iron On Vinyl discount, look HERE.

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