DIY Hair Bow with YRYM HT Iron on Vinyl

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Add some flair to your hair this Summer with these special DIY Hair Tie with YRYM HT Iron-on Vinyl!

In summer, the happiest moments are spent by the pool, picnicking outdoors, and having fun in the sun. This means that a beautiful Hair Tie is essential. Instead of using ordinary hair tie, create a personalized hair tie like these amazing Hair Tie!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Hair Bow
YRYM HT Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Machine
Cricut EasyPress (or Iron)
Cutting Mat (or ironing board)
Weeding Tool

Step 1: Open up Cricut Design Space, click on “new project”. Then, click on “upload” on the left-hand side, and select the SVG file from the location where you saved it. Click “save” once it’s been uploaded to Design Space. Then, click on the file and click “Insert image” to add it to your project. Then, click “Make it”.

Step 2: Select your material size and iron on vinyl and then continue.

Step 3: Add your iron on transfers to the cutting mat with the clear liner side facing down. Then, add the mat to your machine and press start.

Step 4: Remove the mat from the machine, and use a weeding tool to weed the excess vinyl around the design.

Step 5: Place your hair bow and a heat mat (or ironing board) and heat it for 2s. Then, place the decals.

Step 6: Heat the vinyl with an EasyPress or iron for 10 seconds at 300-315F.

Step 7: After 1-2 minutes, remove the flim.

Step 8: Add other color. Then, repeat the above process to add the remaining decals to the other side of the bow.

Step 9: Place the bow inside of a hair tie and grab both ends to tie a knot. This will secure the bow to the hair tie.

See, easy peasy crafts! These Bow Hair Tie with Iiron on transfer paper will be your go-to Summer accessory. Since the cut file has many other to choose from, you could make a whole bunch of colorful hair ties!

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