How To Apply Adhesive Vinyl on Cold Cup

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DIY Cold Cup: How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on Cold Cup


Hello! Are you looking for how to DIY Cold Cup or how to use adhesive vinyl? Yes , right here!

Here to share how simple it is to apply Adhesive Vinyl on Cold Cup to make the adorable DIY Cold Cup!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Silhouette CAMEO 3
Cutting mat
Weeding hook
Adhesive vinyl (I used Black, Purple and Green )
Vinyl transfer paper
Cold Cup

Step 1: Download the cut file that you will cut out of your adhesive vinyl. Adjust the size or arrangement of the design in Silhouette Studio.

Step 2: Prepare to cut the Adhesive Vinyl. Load your mat into the machine and click the Send button.

Step 3: After your machine has finished cutting, remove the Adhesive Vinyl, and weed the excess.

Step 4: Cut a piece of transfer tape to fit the design. Apply the tape, and use a scraper to ensure the vinyl sticks to the tape.

Step 5: Remove the vinyl from the carrier sheet by peeling the tape back. Apply the decal to the Cold Cup.

Step 6: Carefully peel off the tape.

This DIY would be perfect for other special events, like baby showers or birthday parties, or even as Valentine's Day gifts.

This is such a fun project, made SO easy with YRYM HT Adhesive Vinyl and transfer paper.

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