How to decorate your car with iron on transfer paper

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Car, for somebody like me,is not only a transportation, but also a friend. And we always want to decorate it with all our heart. The most common way to decorate our baby car is to leave this task to auto beauty center while it’s very expensive. The best way for us to solve this problem is to buy some iron on vinyl, iron on transfers and iron on transfer paper laser printer, which can be used to decorate your car.

First here are some examples:




Do you like these pics? Actually you can design your own pattern and then transfer them with iron on transfers. Here I will also give you some patterns:



Besides these, you also can draw some patterns by yourself or write some sentences to show your attitude. It’s very convenient and cool. What’s more, it’s very cheap. If you don’t have iron on transfer paper laser printer or any cutter machine, feel free to send me your pattern. I wold be very willing to do this for you! Hope you all enjoy handcrafting!

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