How to find good iron on transfer paper

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Nowadays, there are many brands that selling iron on transfers at the crafty market. The quality of the transfer paper is quite different and hard to find out. How to choose high-quality iron on transfers has been a big issue for crafters. Today I am gonna introduce you some tips to find better iron on transfer paper.

First, read the reviews! Reviews are the directest way to get aware of others’ feelings about this product, especially those with pictures.

( Some reviews of transfer paper)

Besides reviews you’d better connect with the seller before you place an order, especially when you need have some specific requirements of their products. Send your questions and requirements at a time as sometimes sellers are too busy to reply you right away.

( A conversation between a customer and the seller)

When you choose the transfer paper, the most important of course is the quality. Then price is following. But you can’t touch or watch the products, so you have to watch others’ reviews. What’s more, read the description of the iron on transfers you selected carefully! It’s vital!!!

Here are the tips of choosing iron on transfer paper! Hope it’s useful for you!

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