How to Use Yrym ht Transfer Paper to Craft Cup Decal

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To be honest, I think yrym ht iron on transfer paper is the best of all iron on transfer paper brands. It’s very sticky but not too sticky and it transfers way better than other brands’. Seem to take less time to adhere to the cups as well. It always comes out looking great and is very comfortable to use! I prefer that they come in sheets more than rolls, which is much more convenient. I use this when I make custom Starbucks-style cups.


Now time to start!

  • Find a cool pic that you like.
    • Cut out the size you need.
    • Place the vinyl MATTE side DOWN (or glossy side up) on the sticky mat.
    • Cut mirrored design( remember to set the mirror mood) using Cricut machine on the "iron-on" setting.
    • Weed the excess vinyl using Cricut weeding tool. ( Be careful not to weed the pattern.)
    • Cut out the size you need of iron on transfers.
    • Use the transfer tape to hold the pattern as they were to go on the walls.

    • Transfer it to the cup and press it.


    • Then weed the transfer tape.

    Now you have a custom cool cup now!

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