The best crafting project to do with families (2)

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Last time we have talked about parent outfits. This time I am gonna share you another family crafting project- craft on cup. Cups are very common and necessary for us at home. If you have a series of family cups, people will be very jealous when they come to visit your house. Besides that, a series of custom cups will be the best decoration in your house.

So let’s start!

Also, prepare some cups, some sheets of heat transfer vinyl, an iron on transfer paper laser printer, as well as iron on transfers.

Print the image you want to iron on the cup with iron on transfer paper laser printer( or other printer) and then Cut the image with cutter machine. Next, weed and transfer it to the cups with iron on transfers. Last weed the transfer paper.

Ding~ You have a custom cup now!

Here are some samples I wanna share. Hope they can give you some inspiration.              



What do you think of them? Has the idea hit you? I really can’t wait to see your works! Once you have crafted something, please comment under this post as soon as possible! Do you wanna know more information about crafting time? If you do please comment to let me know!

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