The Easy Way to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors or Outdoors

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Few things are more relaxing than spending a lazy day swaying in a hammock, sipping iced tea with a good book in hand. Do you want to hang a new hammock chair in your home? You can hang it anywhere, tree, pergola, bedroom and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy a spot on the beach under a tree or want to keep yourself warm inside your room with a feeling of swinging on a pergola, installing a hammock chair is easy.

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But before we start the DIY guide, these are the tools and accessories you need if hanging your chair indoors:

S-hook Spring instead of U-hook , if you want to instal an anchor point.
Stud finder
Drill – ¼” drill bit
Link Lock/Carabiner

Swing Straps
If hanging hammock chair from a beam, joist, or tree.



If you don’t want to damage the ceiling, you can use Hammock Chair Stand.


Hang a Hammock Chair from the Ceiling or Beam:

#Step1 – Get the help of the stud finder to locate an exact joist and mark the area with a pencil.

#Step2 – Drill a vertical pilot hole several inches into the joist until you hit wood.

#Step3 – Tightly insert the eye bolt. Double check how firmly bolt attached with the structure because it is the main thing which is going to carry your weight.

#Step4 – Attach the s-hook spring with the eye bolt and hang a hammock chair to the other side of the s-hook.

#Step5 – Now, it’s time to check either your hanging chair is able to carry weight or still needs to make it more bearable.

Pro Tip
To avoid unwanted situations, first sit slowly in the chair with your feet on the floor. Then gradually, shift your weight from feet to the chair. If it holds you, it means you have done the right installation of the hammock chair.

Hang a Hammock Chair From a Tree:

#Step1 – First, locate the branch where you want to hang your chair. Make sure that the branch is strong enough to bear your weight.

#Step2 – Hold the hammock ring with the rope or chain you are going to encircling the branch. Make sure you keep at least 8 inches distance between the ring and the branch.

#Step3 – You can even use a link lock to connect hammock ring and the rope or chain. It makes the task of transferring hammock from outdoor to indoor.

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