Transfer tape: the difference in paper tape and transparent tape

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Transfer tape is called application tape because it can transfer vinyl graphics and decals. After cutting and weeding, it must be transferred to the substrate. But for most vinyl graphics jobs, transfer tape is essential.

There are two different transfer tapes: paper tape and transparent tape. For most applications, any one is sufficient, so a lot depends on personal preference. However, when choosing one or the other, some essential differences should be considered. The following is a comparison between the two.

Pros & cons of paper. As the name suggests, the paper tape consists of a paper based face film coated with adhesive. Like masking tape, it is usually a bit translucent. It is softer and more flexible than transfer tape. Its main advantage is the wide viscosity range. It is also cheaper than tranfer tape.

The main advantage of paper tape is its versatility. No one type of tape is suitable for all situations, but high-quality medium and high viscosity paper tape can meet most of your needs. Then why use transfer tape? For some things, the paper tape is not good enough.

Due to the use of paper tape, it is not very useful for building colored vinyl graphics that require one layer to be precisely aligned with another layer. Even for single color graphics, it may be difficult to accurately see the final position of the vinyl.

Transfer tape is very clear because it's made of plastic film instead of paper. The transparent plastic structure provides the transparency needed to transfer the decals. This clarity of vinyl also makes installation easier because the crafters can see exactly where the letters are relative to the substrate.
With these advantages, why doesn't everyone use transfer tape for every job? Because every solution has its disadvantages.

Transfer tape can easily regist multi-color decals.
Plastic film makes transfer tape appealing, but it also reduces its practicality and versatility. For wet applications, It doesn’t work, because fluid cannot pass through the film. Therefore, if you use too much, it may sink under the tape and start to reduce the adhesion between the vinyl and the tape itself, causing the vinyl to peel off the plastic film.


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