What is Iron on Paper

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Iron on paper actually means a kind of paper that can be ironed on and used to transfer an image to fabrics most. It usually refers to cricut iron on vinyl which includes glitter iron on vinyl, printable vinyl and patterned vinyl.

Glitter Iron on Vinyl

Glitter iron on vinyl is a kind of vinyl that sparkles. It is more bright and shinny than common vinyl. It usually works with cutter machine like Cricut and heat machine. But you can only cut one single color sheet once. If you wanna transfer a complicated pattern, you need to layer those sheets.


Printable Iron on vinyl

Printable iron on vinyl is different from common iron on vinyl. With a iron on printer paper, it can transfer colorful pattern without layering. It is divided into 2 kinds: one is permanent vinyl and the other is temporary vinyl. We can tell the difference between these two kinds from the name.Printable vinyl usually is of white, but it turns out to be colorful after crafting.


Patterned Vinyl

Patterned vinyl is a kind of vinyl that has a pattern on it. Craters usually use cutter machine to cut a shape they want. Usually pattered vinyl doesn’t need to be layered, as it is colorful enough.


In general, iron on paper is a kind of paper that can be crafted with heat press. Crafters usually use it to design their clothes like T-shirt, called T-shirt iron on, or some other fabrics. Iron on paper is cheap and easy to operate. What’s more, it makes your items unique in the world. Do the craft with Yrym ht providing the cheapest and best vinyl!

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