Blue Iron On Jean Patches Bundle - 4 Shades 20 Pack

Blue Iron On Jean Patches Bundle - 4 Shades 20 Pack

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Weight: 136 g

YRYM HT Blue Iron On Jean Patches Bundle:

Colors: 5 x Light Blue, 5 x Medium blue, 5 x Navy blue, 5 x Black

Choose our more economical iron-on patches that you don't have to sacrifice quality for!

Free sewing kit we provided to help you makes the bond firm.

Our iron-on patches are made of the highest quality fabrics, and the glue of our denim iron-on patches is 30% more than others.

You can design your personalized patterns, cut the jean patches into the shapes you want to patch, or decorate your clothes to make your clothes unique.

Patches for Jeans Key Feature:

  • Great Stickiness with More Glue
  • Durable 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to apply


Instructions of Our Denim Patches for Inside Jeans

  1. Pre-ironed & smooth the fabric.

Home Iron: Turn your iron on "Cotton" or set iron to 330℉;

Heat Press: Set heat press to 330℉.

  1. Remove the white wax paper. Cut into the shapes you like.
  2. Ensure shiny side down on garment with heavy pressure for the 40s.
  3. Slow circular motion, iron the patch edge firmly for the 40s.
  4. Wait for cooling. Check the edge, if seamed, please iron again to seamlessly.
  5. Wait for 24-48 hours before the first time wash.

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