Kraft Butcher Paper Roll - Brown 18" x 2100" (176 ft)

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YRYM HT Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll:

Size:18" x 2100" (176 ft)

Colors: brown, pink, white

Choose our more economical Yrym ht Kraft Butcher Paper that you don't have to sacrifice quality for! Come here!

Our Authentic Premium Quality Brown Butcher Paper is food grade. It enhances the appearance of food and it's used in a wide variety of applications such as Meat Smoking Paper for Texas Style BBQ, Wrapping Sandwiches, Burritos, Burgers, Fresh Meat, Fish, Used as Basket/Tray Liner & Much more.

In the professional barbecue industry, Butcher Paper knew as peach paper, BBQ paper, Smoking Paper, or the Freezer paper, Mainly used for wrapping briskets/meat/ ribs for smoking or freezing!

Suitable for Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, fish, pork, you name it. Wrapped around the meat while totally oil-soaked, this butcher paper still stays in shape to keep the meat juicy, succulent and tender.

Don't limit your imagination. The end result of smoking brisket with the butcher paper is delicious meat for your family and friends. But don't stop there. Wrapping gifts, packaging foods, you can do much more with this butcher paper.


Wrapping, Packaging, Decor, Mailing, Holiday Gifts Wrapping, Cover Table for Parties, Gift Wrapping Roll, Brown Gift Wrapping Paper Roll Christmas, Kids Art and Craft Projects, Protection of Furniture and Floors, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Coloring, Package Filler and lot more.


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